Friday, May 16, 2014

Johnson Family Continued :)

When I did the Johnson family's photos a few weeks ago we intended to do these as well... but their truck ended up in the shop so we decided to meet later at a park close to my house and just spend 15 minutes or so getting the rest of the photos they were wanting. I am so pleased with how these came out, love their matching t-shirts and the smoke blowing out of the truck along with their kids reactions (a little bit of terror that was quickly resolved by just covering their ears...) :) My favorites are of Josh and Brax looking under the hood. Enjoy these fun photos :)

As always, it was so fun working with you guys :) I loved letting our kids play at the park together afterwards too... you guys are such a great, laid back and sweet family and I am seriously honored to get to help capture these memories for you guys :) 

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