Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bachelorette Party and a How To

Weddings!!!! Ah I just love them! I am so, so honored to be the matron of honor for Shaun's sister Brittany's wedding that is TOMORROW!!! It has been so fun being a part of all the pre-wedding prep and fun, but the couple of days leading up to a wedding are always my favorite. The anticipation, the fun, the dressing up, the events...

So last night was the bachelorette party. Three Phases of Girly Bliss :)

Phase 1: Manis/Pedis

Me and the bride's toesies :) 

Phase Two: Dinner in the City. Courtyard, brick, waterfalls... perfect atmosphere. Add in some quality Q&A time with a tasteful (even Biblical!) spin and it was a super meaningful and bonding time! :) 

Bridesmaids with Brittany, missing Tre's two sisters who weren't in town yet.

Our whole group. The night wouldn't have been the same without a single one of these amazing girls! I had so much fun with you all! 

My sissy :) 

The bride with her.... burger! 

pretty food... 

More group photos

The gorgeous bride to be in the bird cage veil we made her wear part of the night :) 

Phase Three: we went back to Brittany's parents house and had a "married girl attire" shower. Then pride and prejudice. I told you, girly bliss. For sure. :)

Now the "How To" part... 

Besides just giving Brittany "married girl attire" I also made her a keepsake. It's a good and fairly inexpensive way to make a personalized and meaningful gift for someone. You could give this to someone for a wedding gift, or even wait and give it as a first married Christmas or birthday gift after the wedding. 

What you need: 

Picture frame or shadow box of desired size. Mine was a black 11x17 frame. Invitations/mementos from wedding events. (I included two shower invitations, engagement announcement from the newspaper, save the date card and wedding invitation. If you waited til after the wedding you could include their program too) Fabric/scrapbooking paper for the background. (I used leftover lace and pink fabric that I had from decorating at her shower, so even the background is from something wedding related, which I thought was cool.) 

Finished Product:

I couldn't have asked for the bachelorette party to go any better. Thank you to all you girls who helped make it so special for Brittany!! 

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