Saturday, May 19, 2012

on being a big sister

Is anyone else out there the oldest in your family? Or maybe not the oldest, but do you have younger siblings?

I love mine. So much.

My baby sister is 4 years younger than me. It took us awhile growing up to come into the "friends" stage of sisterhood. We fought over toys, bedroom space, and other typical kid stuff. I used to make her pay me to play barbies with her. But once we became friends, and not just sisters, I had the sweetest life in the world. Because, sharing a room, it was like having sleepovers with your bestie every night growing up. We had room rearranging parties, and pride and prejudice snuggling parties, and laying out by the pool parties, and girly salad making parties, and lets-just-sit-and-talk-about-every-meaningful-thing-in-life parties.... and lets not forget shopping parties. :) I love her so much. She made me love being a big sister, she has given purpose to my life as I try to live out a good example for her, she has made my heart so full when she comes to me for advice, and I've learned to always ask God for His wisdom before I try to speak into her situation. She just graduated from Liberty University in 3 years, and we were able to be there for her graduation last week. I'm so thankful. She is amazing. She's turned into this gorgeous girl with an awesome sense of humor, and makes everything in life into an adventure. She went from my little sister to this heel wearing, grocery shopping, professional job applying woman who drops by my house and runs errands with me. And I'm so thankful for her.

And then there's my baby brother. Goodness gracious, I can't even type about him without getting this sentimental, squeezing in my heart cause it's bursting with love for him feeling... He is the best. I was seven when he was born, and I guess it's typical of oldest daughters... you kind of become like a second mommy by nature. I used to tuck him into bed, and answer his questions (not always with the best answers... he knows what i'm talking about...) :) we had special snacks i would make when i babysat. He went from my baby brother, to towering over me almost over night. He's so big and athletic and handsome. I wish so badly I could've gone to more of his football games last fall (newborn baby makes it tough to be out late in the cold...) But besides being so all boy, he's got this awesome sensitive side to him and I LOVE talking to him. Plus he's been a better cook since he was five than I am now. (And if he's reading this he's probably laughing and shaking his head and being all embarrassed that I am praising him so much) He's conscious of people's feelings, and he's an awesome gift-giver, and he has the most contagious laughter in the world. And everything about him just makes me smile and feel so proud to be his big sister. He's graduating highschool so soon. I can't believe it. And I love him to death.

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