Monday, May 28, 2012

Matron of Honor Speech

Last night my speech went something like this:

I have known Brittany since she was in middle school. We went from me being the girl who stole her big brother, to friends, to sisters, and I love her so much. We have had many, many sleepovers, and after lots of talks about boys, and what she was looking for in a future husband, I am here today to say that Tre, you truly are the man of her dreams. You are everything she ever wanted, and we all love you and are so happy to have you be part of our family.
Watching Brittany grow up and go through lots of seasons and changes and become a beautiful, godly woman, there have always been three things that stayed the same about her no matter what else was going on. Number one, her love for Jesus. Number two, her love for singing. And Number three, her joy. Any of you who have spent much time with Brittany know that it can be the simplest of things, but on any kind of occasion/outing/get together Brittany is known to look around with a big smile on her face and say "isn't this so much fun?!" So today, Brittany, on your big day, your wedding day, I have just one question for you: "Isn't this so much fun?!"
Will you all please join me in a toast, May God richly bless and pour out His favor on your marriage, to Tre and Brittany.

I got pretty emotional. I love this couple so much, and I am so happy for them.

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