Tuesday, May 8, 2012

little kids seating, a milking stool make over :)

I'm kind of in love with little kid sized furniture. We got Drew his faux leather arm chair for his first birthday, and he has a little antique red rocking chair my parents gave him for his second birthday, plus a little table and two chairs from pottery barn that were a Christmas gift to him from my parents. There is just something so cute about seeing him sitting in a tiny little chair just his size coloring, rocking, watching movies.... I love it. :) Enter my most recent little project. Shaun's parents own a dairy farm and his grandparents still live in the original farm house. One day when I was there last November I brought a few things from an old shed home with me. An old wooden window pane, several wooden crates, and an old, rusty milking stool... I used the wooden crates on my back porch this spring [you can see them here] And I have plans to clean up the window frame and turn it into a mirror. This past weekend I finally re-did the milking stool. 

Here it is before: 

And after: 

I used two big sheets of sand paper, and it took a little bit to get it sanded down smooth, maybe a half hour. Next I hosed and wiped it off to remove dirt and dust, then I used rustoleum spray paint in this beautiful blue color and gave it two coats of paint. Drew loved it before, when it was rusty, and he kept trying to bring it in to the house from the garage, but he really loves it now :) 

It's the right size to pull up to his little table if we need another seat, but I'm planning on keeping it in the bathroom so he can reach the sink to brush his teeth and wash his hands. But I could also use it as a plant stand or a step stool for him to get into bed. I keep thinking of more uses for it.... Besides the fact that it was free (other than the spray paint) and it now gets to be used again, I love that is has some meaning too since it is from Shaun's family dairy farm. :) 

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