Wednesday, May 2, 2012

little quirks

can i just start off by saying i LOVE quirkiness??!!

I especially love it in my babies. I just have to jot down a few of the cute things Drew says so I don't forget...

When he wants a piece of candy or teddy graham or gold fishy and I give him one, the next thing he says is "Mommy, I need one too!" (even though there is already one in his hand...) I think what he is trying to say is "Mommy, I need one, two" like he wants another one and is counting how many he wants.

If he is remembering something we did or saw and trying to tell me when it happened he always says it was "nas ight" (last night) even if it was a few days or weeks ago.

The past few weeks we have had exciting things to look forward to on fridays. Now whenever Drew wants something he looks at me with a smile and raised eyebrows and says we're going to get it on Friday. Including when he asks for a baby sister. When I tell him not yet, he says "We gon get her on Fwiday!" with a big grin. (I would be more than happy to have a baby sister for him someday, I'm just not ready yet!!!)

Two other little phrases that are very much a part of Drew's speech are "nuh one" (another one) and "wiss way" (this way)

I also love that he refers to himself in the third person all the time. And his little hand motions/mannerisms? Oh they are too precious! If he is trying to describe how big something is he puts both hands straight up in the air and touches his little finger tips together a few times while he says "it's big one!" in a growling voice. For some reason the more dramatic he wants to make something the more growl he puts into his voice. :) It's adorable.

He never says the word little without putting the word tiny after it. Nothing is just a "little" thing, it is always a "ittle, tiny" thing.

I love that when he speaks to Isaiah or Zion his already high pitched voice goes up a few more notches still.

I love that he practices words before he uses them in sentences, and I will hear him in the other room repeating something over and over trying to get it right.

He is becoming such a little character, such a boy, with his own ideas and habits and quirks. I adore his vocabulary and having a little buddy to talk to all day :)

**added later**

grill=girl, crill=curl, and he says earbubs instead of earlobes....

also since i wrote this i have noticed that when i speak to drew i always say little & tiny together. guess i figured out where that quirk comes from....

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