Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Olivia Grace

I took these newborn photos of this sweet little girly almost two weeks ago, but with our crazily busy lives the past week and a half (all four of us in a wedding two days ago) I am just finally getting the time to post them. 

Zac and Carly welcomed Olivia Grace into the world after an incredibly long labor that ended in a c-section for Carly. But they couldn't be more proud of their little sweetheart. They are a blonde and blue eyed couple and I don't think it would be possible for their babies to not be adorable. Olivia is already a little beauty :) When Zac and Carly got married at the beach they had their picture taken in front of a ship named Olivia Grace. I love the inspiration and wish I could share that wedding photo with you too, it is so precious :) Here are a few of my favorites from the morning we spent together. 

Peonies and Carly's wedding pearls in the background. 

Holding Carly's mom's ring.

In honor of their love for the beach we dressed Olivia in her little pink ruffly bathing suit and took some photos of her on a beach towel... good practice for her, as I'm sure she'll grow up to love the beach too! :) 

It was so beautiful watching Carly with her baby girl. Being in their quiet, peaceful house with their firstborn sleeping baby took me back to my first few weeks with Drew. Every baby is special and wonderful, but there truly is something so unique about the birth of your first, the learning together, being able to just rock and snuggle your little one all day long without any interruptions, every sigh and movement of their tiny fists something so completely new. I know Zac and Carly will be amazing parents, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet and photograph their baby girl. 

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