Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ethan James Patrick

My cousin David and his wife Shirley recently welcomed their second baby boy into this world. He is a little sweet heart and I had the privilege of taking his newborn photos. I just love their little family. Their marriage is a living example of true love, overcoming difficulties, what it means to make a real life and real love committment to marriage, to family, to each other, to their boys. They are an amazing team, and I love them so much!! So, without further ado, I present sweet baby Ethan. :)

David and Shirley are both athletic, and I imagine their boys will be someday too. So here's to little athletes in training :)  

Perfect little lips!! 

Brother shots: 

And I have to share this one too, just because I think this photo is hilarious and a true representation of how little brotherhood can be sometimes.... 

Congratulations little family of four!! Your boys are so precious, and I hope these photos will bring back lots of fond memories someday :) 

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