Thursday, July 19, 2012

Connor James

 Connor turned one January 23rd, but we waited to do his one year photos for several reasons. It's always nicer to have outdoor photos, and we tried to do them in the spring but it kept getting pushed back for one reason or another... The day we finally did them was HOT, but there was a nice breeze and Connor was a champ. He did awesome and gave me some really sweet smiles. This boy is going to be such a worshipper. He has such a sweet, cautious and lovable spirit. When he was a newborn he had some photos taken in an itty bitty wagon... So I thought it would be fun just to show case what a transformation can take place in a year! 


Love this one of him holding his baby photo.... :)
 Some photos with his big sister :) 

His monogram. 

Love this candid. He is such a sweet heart. 

There's another smile! 

Wish I could show this series a little larger... It's adorable :) 

Connor loves his blankie! 

And one with his whole family. This was my favorite from the day. 

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to do these photos for them. They are a beautiful family, so giving, so in love with Jesus, desiring to be in tune with His spirit and follow His calling on their lives no matter what direction He takes them. I love how they are teaching their kids to live lives of worship and listen to the voice of their heavenly daddy. They are such encouragers to us. We are so blessed by their friendship and support, the way they are always willing to listen and be there for us. We love you guys!! 

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