Monday, July 9, 2012

Kevin and Kasey: Announcement Time!

I am so excited I can finally share this photo shoot with everyone!! Kevin and Kasey asked me to do a photo shoot of the two of them so that they could announce to their families on father's day that they are expecting their first little one!! What an awesome plan! I had so much fun brainstorming ideas for this shoot. The night we did the photos the rain held off just til we were almost finished, and the lighting was fabulous. Here are a few of my favorites: 

My inspiration for the "little peanut" idea was a favorite shirt of Drew's this past winter... And my original idea for what to use in the "pink or blue?" pictures wasn't available... so I settled for balloons.... maybe in a future shoot I can use my original idea... :) I was so happy with how these turned out, and it was so difficult to choose my favorites because there were so many that I loved. Thanks again Kevin and Kasey for asking me to do these, I had a blast! You two will be amazing parents, and I hope these photos will show your little one someday just how excited you were about them coming into the world, and how much you loved them from the beginning. 

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  1. you are my hero! haha, seriously. Your pictures are always so awesome.