Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This past week Shaun was able to take a day off work for a spontaneous trip to the mountains with our friends Todd and Bethany and their kids. We spent the night at a cabin thurs. night and took the kids to Lakemont Park on Friday. Bethany has been raving about this park since they went last year, and I can see why now! It is so perfect for kids, no lines, lots of great kid rides, an awesome water park with a pirate ship with slides and squirt gun cannons, and best of all, only $5 admission!!! 

Here are a few pictures of Drew and Izzy.... they play so well together! 

Bethany and I got to ride a roller coaster while the guys stayed with the kids...

Sleeping at the water park 

Introducing Drew to his first "roller coaster". He did great and loved it!! 

That's us up there! 

Priceless little grin while riding the airplanes :) 

The boys, cruisin'. 

My cute little blue eyed boy with a faux hawk :) 

Another precious smile. He said the boats were his favorite. 

Little man on the merry go round. :) 

After a long, hot, awesome, so fun (and did I mention hot?) day at the amusement park we got dinner and free frosties at wendy's and headed back to the cabin. The kids all crashed pretty early and we got to have some quality adult time later that night. Strawberry wine, coconut m&ms, great friends, laughter and deep conversations both. It was perfect. Took me a little while to catch back up on sleep (I haven't stayed up til midnight in awhile, and the kids were up early after going to bed so early the night before. But totally worth it!) 

Thanks Todd and Bethany for asking us to come along!! 

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