Monday, July 16, 2012

little pretties around the house.

I like to take pictures of the way I decorate my house for a couple reasons. First, it's fun to see your style evolve and develop and change over time. Second, it's helpful to look back at what you've done and liked as inspiration for future interior design. And sometimes looking back at photos of the special touches you put into your home makes you feel good and happy and remember the extra effort you put into something to create a certain feel... 
And then sometimes taking pictures of things you like shines a little light on just what it is that you do like. I suddenly realized that I like groups of things together much more than any one thing by itself. Whether it's an arrangement of objects or a photo collage on the wall, I like to pull several things together to signify my style or a feel. I have a hard time committing to just one big signature piece all by its lonesome. 

This is the ledge above my kitchen sink. Fresh basil and nectarines. I couldn't even just let the basil sit by itself, I had to put another summery, fresh, wholesome thing with it. Interesting...

A tiny portion of my mantle. There are several groupings of old books in various faded colors, candles, greenery and this beautiful little pot from anthropologie that was part of my bridesmaid gift from Brittany. 

Foot rest turned end table. The lid of this cube flips upside down to become a tray. Pottery barn lantern filled with moss and a candle, orange calla lillies in an izzy bottle and my Bible, with another piece of my bridemaids gift from Brittany. :)

Other end table. Pottery barn lamp, plant on a simple black pedestal, black and white photo and dark wooden coasters. 

There. A few pretty little things I like to look at... :)

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