Friday, July 27, 2012


What is forgiveness?
...a choice, not a feeling.
...not pretending you were not hurt.
...not saying they were not wrong.
...not saying you need to trust that person again.
...not removing the responsiblity of action (Jesus forgives the thief but does not remove him from the cross).
Forgiveness is a decision that I make to obey God, and then to walk out forgiveness as a lifestyle - living in a higher realm by not allowing some one else's actions or attitudes to dictate my actions or attitudes. It is releasing them to God while not requiring them to be accountable to me to make it right. It is a willingness to move in the opposite spirit of the one who hurt me, making sure I am willing to be an unrestricted channel of the love of God.

perfect song. please listen to it.  

[I can not take credit for anything in this post. These were notes by Bethany Brown on a teaching she heard in YWAM. The song is by Matthew West.] 

This is post number 2 for me on this subject. Unfortunately my reaction in my first post is not what I would have liked it to be and therefore has not been shared. Thankfully, God is leading me down the path of forgiveness and helping it to become real in my heart. 

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