Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy Saturday updates on life

It's a cozy, rainy day here at our house this Saturday morning. The heat has backed off and its a nice, restful gray outside... The rain's coming down steadily and we are all tucked into the house for the day. Shaun's playing some beautiful worship music on the guitar in the living room and the boys are playing with toys on the floor. It's perfect, really, since they are still in the final stages of recovery from a yucky virus that went through our house. I keep thinking I'm getting it but miraculously am still feeling fine. Thank the Lord. 

Isaiah is all of the sudden not a baby anymore. (We left for vacation, were gone for 1 week, and when we came back we had to immediately lower his crib mattress and put up a gate at the bottom of the steps and put outlet covers in the outlets... it changed that fast). He started crawling a little less than a month ago. Now he's pulling up to standing on things and taking little steps holding on. He climbed the whole way up the stairs a few days ago. And he's COMMUNICATING. That boy, he is so very social, this should be no surprise. He's been saying mama since about five months old. In the last month or so he's added quite a few more communications to his repertoire... :) When I say "Give mommy kisses!" he leans toward me with his mouth wide open and kisses my lips. He claps his hands when he's excited about something. When he's headed toward things he knows I don't want him to do (such as the dog bowl, to try to eat Zion's food, or the toilet paper roll, to unravel the whole thing) I say "Isaiah Matthew..." and he looks at me and starts shaking his head no with an ornery little look on his face. If he hears "no no" or "don't" he starts shaking his head too, and sometimes he will be shaking his head like he's trying to tell himself "No No" while in the midst of doing something he shouldn't be. He says "maaaa" with a growl when he wants more food. He started playing peek-a-boo where he is the one holding the blanket over his face about 5 or 6 days ago. He is SO happy all of the time, but if he does get his feelings hurt, or fall down and it actually hurts him, he cries like his little world is falling apart and it just breaks your heart. Usually within a minute though he is back to his happy little self. 

Drew is our little musician. I've gotten a few home videos of him lately singing his little heart out either into his microphone or while playing his guitar. His favorite worship song is "10,000 reasons" by  Matt Redman. His version though is "Bwess da ORD oh my soul, worship my God, Sing ike NEVER BEFORE!!! oh my soul, worship Jesus...." (He really gets into the "never before" part... sings it so loud and will sometimes shake his head or lean over really far... it's adorable. He's a just a little charismatic I think....;) ) He has entered in the "why" phase of life. He asks it about everything. Still my little perfectionist. Everything has to be just so for him. He plays perfectly, wants to know exactly how to do something before he will try it, and walks around with a miniature version of what I call the "Kauffman swagger" :) He still wants me to hold him as often as he can get me to. And yet he's also started saying he wants to do things "by MYSELF!" The other day it hit me that he will be THREE in the fall... I cried. That's half way to six. And six seems so old, and these three years have flown by... Time just needs to slow down. Besides being super into music he's also a little pro at technology. The other day I came downstairs and he had our gps at the counter and was doing who knows what on the touch screen... I asked him what he was doing and he looks at me with his big, innocent brown eyes and says "Mommy, I'm just sending e-mail..." As I type I can hear him on his pretend cell phone having a conversation with someone. Then he says to me "mommy, she didn't answer, so I just eft a voicemail..." 

My boys may have a few similarities, but they have SO many differences. The amazing thing about being a mother is that you can whole-heartedly love opposite traits when they appear in your two children. I love Drew's sensitivity and Isaiah's orneriness equally. I adore them both for exactly who they are. When I compare them it is only because I can't believe that combinations of the same two people could come out so differently. I don't want either to ever feel he needs to be more like the other. I want them both to be fully appreciated and praised and unconditionally loved for the individual God made them to be. I smile as I type... I just love them both so much. :) 

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