Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3 days of celebrating for 3 years of life. :)

Drew really got a good deal for his birthday this year. He turned three on October 9th. On October 8th we took him on a special date to see Jonah at Sight and Sound. He LOVED it. He brought his stuffed animal whale along for the trip. 

They have the most delicious, warm, sweet glazed almonds... 

After the show we even got to go back stage! Drew was able to see the whale hanging high up above him from the ceiling, and he asked to touch the boat that Jonah sails in... 

At the intermission of the show we asked Drew what he wanted for his special birthday outing dinner. Without hesitation he said he wanted peanut butter and jelly. We didn't leave the show until after 7:00 and we went to a little ice cream shop that is quite adorable and one of my favorites. Drew got to have his pb&j. :) 

He likes his food all ripped/cut up into bite sized pieces. He says "can you break it in pieces for me?" 

chowing down. :) 

October 9th, Drew's actual birthday. I let him pick out his own clothes and he asked to wear his eagles jersey. (Shaun was a proud father!) So of course we dressed Isaiah in his eagles attire too. We had to make a trip to the grocery store in the morning and we picked up a few of Drew's favorite foods for lunch and some balloons. 

Cheetos, a hot dog, green grapes, and his favorite yogurt with the reeses pieces to add in. 

Drinking from his "itty bitty" cup (aka shot glass) with the little dolphins in the bottom. 

whales seemed to become his birthday theme all by themselves... so this seemed appropriate. :) 

Giving hugs. (Against Isaiah's will) 

That night we had an elders meeting and, let me just say, you know you go to an awesome church when they have presents and birthday cake for your son at the elders meeting. :) Then Drew got to watch a movie with his best bud Izzy. 

October 10th: Celebrating with our families. 

Drew helped decide what we were going to draw on his cake and then put the sprinkles on himself. 

My boyssssss!!!!! 

I thought we were finished at this point, but Drew insisted Jonah needed to be on his cake too... you'll see that later. 

With his aunt Nan and Uncle E!!! 

Here's the "finished" cake. :) 

Getting ready to blow out his candles! 

Our traditional picture with birthday boy. 

Cake cutting time! 

Digging in :) 

Then Mr. Drew got LOTS of presents from his awesome grandparents and aunts and uncles. :) 

Thank you to our families for making his birthday so special for him!!!! 

Just a few things I want to remember about his newly three year old self: 

-Drew says "Here I are!" instead of "here I am." 
-He pronounces his v's as w's. some of my favorite words that this affects are "wacuum" (for vacuum) "wolleyball" (for volleyball, except his l's sound like w's too...) and my personal favorite, "weggie tales" (veggie tales) 
-He is potty training now (and doing amazing!! no accidents since the first two days over a week ago) and after I help him get set up on his potty he looks at me and says "now go out so I have privacy, alright?" :) 
-One of his current favorite expressions is "all of the sudden." For example: I heard Isaiah start crying in the living room the other day and when I asked Drew what happened he said "Isaiah was just standing there, and um, all of the sudden, I pushed him down." 
-He still loves the drums and has so much rhythm inside of him. 
-He doesn't like to have all eyes on him. It is quite common for him to say "don't ook at me" while he is either singing, dancing, or doing something else that might bring him attention. He doesn't like for things to be made a big deal in front of people. 

So many more things I hope I never forget but I'll stop at that for now. 

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