Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drew is three!

Since I have only been faithfully keeping up this blog for about 10 months now, I have never written about Drew's birthday before. I thought I'd chronologically post some photos of my little man from birth, to six months, to one year to two years. (I'll post his three year photos at a later time as I haven't taken them yet!) It is so hard to believe that there was ever a time in my life when I didn't know this little sweet heart. Who was I before I was his mommy? Was my heart really complete before this huge piece belonging to Drew existed? 

It's funny, you carry this little person inside you everywhere you go for nine months. You feel them stretch and grow, you see them on ultrasound, you name them, you prepare for them, then you deliver them. And you look into their eyes for the first time. Who are you? Precious innocence. A clean slate.  Who will you be? What will you like? Snuggling that sweet baby smell and soft skin and newness of life, dreaming of their future, praying for them, in awe of every sigh, every coo, every stretch of their little toes and fingers, figuring out what color eyes they have and what different noises mean. 

When Drew was born he didn't cry at all. He cooed, ever so quietly. I had an epidural while in labor with him, and his delivery was much more peaceful than Isaiah's. In the middle of the night, darkness, dim lights, just me and Shaun and our doctor and nurse. Welcoming our little boy into the world. As soon as I saw him I sucked in my breath. "Shaun! He looks just like you!!" My mom told me once to just wait until I had a little boy who looked just like his daddy and see if I he wouldn't have me wrapped around his little finger. Oh my. Does he ever. Every little quirk of his is so precious to me. His perfectionism, cleanliness, particular-ness, cautiousness, his love of running, back hoes, trains, tractors, airplanes... The way he likes to keep his hands clean and doesn't like to spill any food on himself, the way he holds his boats with the tips of his fingers when he plays with them in a sink full of water, the way he likes to help, how he tries to talk like we do and sound all grown up. His sunshine smile, his enthusiasm, his shyness and then his outgoing-ness once he warms up to people. His little Kauffman swagger when he walks. So many things he does and says are just so sweet

peaceful little papoose :) 

we have a tradition, Shaun picks out our new babies going home outfit. This is the one he chose for Drew. 

Taking our Sweet Drew Elisha home and changing our world forever. 
6 Month photos: 

We have all changed quite a bit! 

One year photos: 

Us being a little more ourselves... :) 

Two year photos: 

Drew is such a snuggler. I'll always be able to hear him saying "Hold you, mommy" in my heart forever. He falls asleep in my arms every night. He loves hugs and kisses and sometimes just looks at me and says "ove you mommy" with a smile. He loves to make tents under the sheets in our bed, be tickled and wrestled, read books, mow the grass with daddy... There is no one in all the world like Drew. I am so thankful for him. 

Drew Elisha, 
Happy 3rd birthday baby. I know you won't stay a baby forever and I am savoring your little arms around my neck for as long as I can. I love seeing you grow, and sing, and tell stories, and watching your little personality be molded and take shape. I can't help but smile over every little piece of who you are. Our peaceful warrior. You are amazing and wonderful and sweet and caring and thoughtful and perceptive beyond your years. I pray that your confidence in who you are in Jesus will always be  strong enough to help you take a stand for what you know is right. I pray your sensitivity and thoughtfulness toward others will be a doorway through which you lead many to Him. I love you with all my heart baby. 

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