Friday, October 5, 2012

Sunny San Diego!

Well, we just woke up at 11:00 a.m. for the third morning in a row. Clearly, we are still on San Diego time. (3 hrs behind us) When we first went out the boys were waking up at 5:00 a.m. their time and it would still be pitch black there. So our schedules have been all over the place. Hopefully we will be back in the swing of things here soon, but since the boys are not yet at school age I guess it's not too big of a deal. So, here's our trip in pictures. 


Drew, livin the life, watching Nemo and sippin' apple juice. 

Isaiah in a calm moment. 

Once we landed, picked up our bags, took a shuttle to the car rental place and got the boys strapped into rented car seats we got some lunch and dropped our stuff off at the hotel and met my parents to head for Sea World! 
Drew's first glimpse of a dolphin in the pool.

Waiting for the dolphin encounter to begin
My Dad got us passes to actually be able to pet the dolphins and give them signals and feed them... It. was. so. cool. !!! 

Isaiah would have jumped into the water with them if we hadn't had a tight hold on him. He kept saying "Pup Pup Pup Pup!!" (his word for dog that he calls all animals right now) 

Love this one! part of all of our faces and the dolphin swimming by on his back so we could rub his belly. I gave my camera to my dad for a bit and he did awesome getting some really cool shots!!

Drew getting a turn to pet him. Isaiah getting a turn. I think this was just before the dolphin pretended to be a mermaid and my entire upper half got soaked. 

This trip to sea world was a fulfillment of something Drew and I have been talking about for months. I'm not quite sure how it started, but almost every day since April, at nap time, we talk about a dolphin show, what we would see, what to expect, and at the end Drew asks for a dolphin to bring home with him. Well he ended up picking out a whale instead of a dolphin, but he loves him so much! 

After Sea World we went to Old Town. I had been here before, and it was neat to come back. Going out to dinner with the boys can be a challenge sometimes, (especially since 7:00 was like 10:00 for them) but we had fun walking around the old mission and exploring a bit. 

I get my love of history from my mama. :) 

Love this one!! 

So, these two above I accidentally way over exposed, but I kind of liked how they had a desert effect with the cactus in the background. 

Running, what he does best! 

We ended up taking most of our food with us, but the homemade tortillas were as good as I remembered! 

This is from first thing the next morning. We thought since the boys went to bed so late they would sleep in and adjust pretty quickly. Nope. At 5:00 a.m. their little internal alarms went off and Drew sat up in bed and said "Mommy. Where am I? Are we in San Diego? Where are mommom and pop? Are they in the other bed? Where's my whale?" rapid fire. It was still completely black out. I took this out the hotel window about an hour later as the first morning light came. 

I had a moment in San Diego on this early, unplanned morning. A selfish moment where I was being silly and not just going with the flow like I try to do usually. Being up so early, nothing was open yet, and we weren't sure what to do with our time. We ended up walking around the city and all the closed stores, but we stumbled upon a Sunday morning farmer's market. It was so cool. Lots of fresh produce, fresh squeezed orange juice, all kinds of free samples of ethnic foods, and lots of fun things to look at. God reminded me that just because we don't have a plan doesn't mean He doesn't have a plan. It was small and simple really, but just learning the character trait of flexibility once more never hurts. 

Some of the many kinds of hummus we got to try. 

Me and Drew with our fresh squeezed orange juice. A California favorite for sure. 

Walking back from the farmer's market. My two sweet boys. Drew is such a little man. 

Before naps we went to the pool. That really tired them out! While we were at the pool though two fighter jets flew right over our hotel. They are so fast you have no warning they are coming, it just all the sudden sounds like something around you is exploding and the building is shaking... It scared Drew so bad. I've never seen that look on his face before. He was in the pool alone when they flew over. I ran to him as fast as I could and held him in my arms and he cried and cried he was so scared. He still talks about it now that we're home. 
Naptime. They were all snuggled together. I love that they can sleep in the same bed together. 

Going out to a business party with Dad and Shaun that night. 

Drew got sick to his stomach, and thankfully, told Shaun he wasn't feeling well and gave me just enough time to rush him out of the party and part way down the hall before he threw up. Mom and I decided to leave at that point... Drew is holding a little pink truffle. Isaiah is making his cheese face. 

We went and got frozen yogurt before we walked back to the hotel. 

The next morning mom and I took a LONGGG walk around the city, walked to sea port village, all over the gas lamp district, and watched trains, and trolleys and some boats in a harbor. 

We got lunch at Tin Fish, right by the convention center and ate outside. Drew was thrilled he got to watch the trolley go by over and over again as we ate. 

After lunch we spent more time in the pool...  Daddy got to join us this time! :) 

After the boys napped we took another long walk around the city, past the baseball field, down to the train tracks, over a bridge, to the harbor, and around behind the entire convention center. 

Too bad Shaun's eyes are closed.... oh well, he looks cute that way too. :) 

After our walk we got pizza and then went to a block party in the gas lamp district. It was 21 and over so we took turns with my parents pushing the boys around in their stroller. 

The next morning we went to World Famous. A breakfast place we went to last time we were in San Diego that I absolutely loved. It is right on the Pacific Ocean, there are people surfing in the ocean, avocados in the omelettes, fresh berries on the waffles, and, of course, fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Drew coloring at the restaurant. 


After breakfast we walked out on the beach. 
My adorable little man with his rolled up jeans. 

The boys first time at the Pacific. 

Pop running Drew to the water. 

with their grandbabies :) 

love my mama, and all she sacrifices to help me with the boys. 

Doesn't take him any time at all to get himself covered in sand. 

And, of course, a group shot!! (With surfers in the background!) 

Flying, getting rental cars, going through security, adjusting to time zone changes... none of that is really easy with babies. But the memories we made are worth it. And not being separated from Shaun for several days of a business trip is worth it. The boys may have colds, and our schedule might be completely shot at this point, but I'm thankful we were able to tag along. :)

Now to wrap up breakfast (at noon). 


  1. It's amazing how much Isaiah looks like a Price and Drew looks like a Kauffman. They are getting so big! Not only do you have a beautiful family, you have a beautiful outlook on life and way of capturing moments forever! You're inspirational, Jessi :)

    -Jenny (Ham) Rock

    1. I know!!! so funny how our two boys look so much like their two grandfathers, but so opposite of each other! lol. Thanks for your comment Jenny, I so appreciate it. :)