Thursday, October 25, 2012

super moms

Before I had a blog I read blogs. There's this funny tendency that can sometimes creep in....

You think that because it looks like they must have it all together by what they post, that they actually DO have it all together.... Maybe it's true for some people, but not this girl. Prime example: I need to get dinner started, and there are dirty dishes on my counter and in my sink, my floors could use mopping, my bathrooms could use cleaning, but I'm sitting here typing instead because this is just on my heart right now.  (Disclaimer: I wrote this a few days ago, and I am not feeling like I need to get dinner ready at 8:30 this morning... )

Sometimes we are so busy looking at all the cool projects or fun activities or yummy meals someone else is making/doing/cooking that we start to think we must not be making/doing/cooking much ourselves...

But I bet if you started journaling all the things you are to the people around you, all the things you do in a day, all the creative ideas in your head you'd see that there's every bit the creative energy running through you too.

And maybe, just maybe, while I sit here typing, you're out there still DOING and actually accomplishing more than anyone who has a blog. I'm not knocking blogs, they are inspirational, lovely, encouraging, create a sense of community and connection between people with similar passions, and can be awesome ways to record little pieces of our lives. (And clearly, I spend a lot of time on mine, it is a passion for me and I thoroughly enjoy it!)

But I think sometimes about my mom. Back before internet being commonplace and before anyone knew what a blog was, my mom was at home being a super mom. She made homemade bread, she sponge painted her walls, she hand stenciled our bedrooms, she sewed curtains, she weeded flower gardens, she had company over often, she threw birthday parties, she painted signs for all kinds of church events, she lived on a budget, she decorated our house, she rearranged furniture, she cleaned like nobody's business... and there was no public platform for her to display it all on. She did it all for us, for her. It didn't matter if the world ever saw. We were enough of a motivation for her.

I think about Shaun's mom. She decorated seasonally, she raised collie puppies, she did all kinds of fun crafts and projects with her kids, she always made birthdays special for her kids & decked out their downstairs with balloons and celebration of them. She tries new recipes, she has all kinds of dreams for her home, she plants all kinds of beautiful flowers all around her home, she makes decorations for her house. She directs Christmas musicals and pours herself into the kids she teaches.  She does it for her family, for herself. She is a super mom.

I think about so many other moms out there who are creating beauty, order, peace, & an amazing atmosphere for their families to reside in that no one will ever know about. But then, they're not doing it for us. They're doing it for the people God has entrusted to them, the ones they love most.

I want you to know that if you are a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter and whether anyone knows all that you are and all that you do or not, you are super. :) You are amazing and talented and busy being exactly who you are supposed to be. Never, ever, ever feel discouraged, just be all you can be for the people closest to you. Someday your kids will call you a super mom. :)


  1. Its so funny that you have written about this ... I feel this way all the time. I am not really someone who likes to cook (especially from scratch) or do a lot of home projects that I feel like I see everyone else doing. Sometimes it makes me feel like less of a wife. And when I think about my soon-to-be daughter - I don't want to be a disappointment. I see all these stay at home moms that cook amazing meals for their kids every day and take them and do all these fun things - and I think to myself "That will never be me because I have to work. We have too many bills for me to stay at home." That discourages me, because really, that is exactly where I want to be is at home with my kid. You have encouraged me through this post though that there are all different types of people and situations....and being different doesn't necessarily mean worse. I will always do the best I can for those I love. And I guess that's all you can do.

    1. Jeannie- I read your blog often and your love for your husband and daughter is SO evident through every word you write... I can tell it is your biggest influence in life, just loving them and making sure they know it! Projects and activities can sometimes be distractions that keep us disconnected from the ones we love instead of drawing us closer... staying heart to heart is always the best strategy!! I tend to cook a lot because that is one of the ways I know Shaun receives love from me, by coming home at the end of the day to a good dinner. But if it weren't for him I really don't know how into cooking I would be. So yeah, if you are "speaking your families love languages" that will look very different from one family to the next! Thanks so much for your comment, you are awesome and I'm glad it was encouraging... like I said, I can tell very clearly that you love well!!