Monday, October 15, 2012

Drew's three year photos

| had originally wanted to post photos from Drew's birthday activities before I posted his photo shoot, but I just did his pictures this morning and I couldn't wait to share them! They came out soooo cute! If you know Drew you probably know he loves trains... which was the inspiration for our shoot :) 

As for props, I wasn't into spending a lot of money on a special outfit for the photos.... So I picked up a pair of $4 suspenders and just added that to a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and the sperry's he got for his bday. Cuffing the jeans and adding a hat were the extra little touches that made it. And can I just add that I love when little kids wear hats that make the tops of their ears stick out?? There is something so carefree, childish and adorable about it... Oh and the suitcases were free at a yard sale this past summer. 

And now I'll just let his cuteness speak for itself: 

I love that he brought along his little toy train that Daddy got him in NYC last winter. 

one of my favorites. 

These couple show his personality so well :) 

little man! 

perhaps my number one fav from today. wish i could show it larger. his expression and folded hands are so dear!
This was the first time I took both boys along for one of their photo shoots. Isaiah sat in the stroller behind me and watched and did really well, much better than I expected. But I couldn't leave him out completely, so I took a few of them together :) 

arm around his baby brother 

 Love these ornery smiles!! 

As soon as Drew got down off the suitcases Isaiah started hammin' it up... imitating what he'd seen Drew do earlier: 

So there you have it, Drew's three year photos. Ahhh my baby boys are so cuuuuuteeee!!!! :)


  1. These pictures are precious! Happy birthday, Drew!

    1. Thank you!!! Love that you created a blog!!! :)