Friday, October 18, 2013

Drew's Four Year Photos

I have this thought process when it comes to taking yearly pictures of my boys: If they don't enjoy it, I don't want to do it. These pictures are not just for me to look back on. I want them to be memories- good memories- for both of us. That's kind of the way I approach all my shoots... I don't want fake smiles and posed fun, I want the real thing, if at all possible, so that when you look at that image on your wall it genuinely makes you smile again. 
So, Drew loves airplanes, so for his birthday we took him to a small local airport and I took pictures of him truly having a great time. I probably spent a total of ten to fifteen minutes taking these, the majority of the time we were there we were just exploring, watching planes take off, and making memories. I do put them in fun outfits and use whatever we already have to make the pictures a little more "themed" to wherever we are going. But I'll never forget Drew's genuine smiles or excitement when they actually let him sit in the pilot's seat of one of their little planes, or his enthusiasm watching planes landing right in front of him. Isaiah had a blast too and there are a few pictures of him in this post as well. If you look closely you can see they both brought their favorite toy airplanes along and are holding them in their hands for most of the pictures :) We talked about going to watch airplanes for his birthday for weeks, so I think the build up helped make it special too :) 
So all that to say, if you have a little one and want to get some seriously memorable pictures of them, think about what they like and try to make that part of the picture taking process, and let them have an experience they will really enjoy. It will be so much more fun for you both :) 

 Oh my goodness, I can hardly handle his little boy handsome-ness in the one below... 

The pictures below are their expressions while watching an airplane come in for a landing. (I just had to be careful not to block their line of sight while taking these... haha) 

 There it is!!! 
Our front row seats to the runway. I think Shaun had a good time too :)  

It was a chilly day and I remembered we already had this little aviator hat so I threw it in the car to bring with us. Love these of them wearing it :) 

The people at the airport were seriously so kind, letting us come out and check out the planes while they got ready to take off. 

 I love my Drew bug's smiles!!!!!

So there are Drew's four year pictures :) 

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