Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our house in the Fall

I love summer, but every year I look even more forward to the fall. It is just my favorite, for so many reasons. I love decorating our house for the season, and I just thought I'd post a few photos of what fall looks like around here :)

I still love neutrals, but I have been finding more and more that I have to have a little color or it will drive me nuts. This year I added some blues and golds into the decorating :) 

(Here's the buffet last year

The arrangement in the center of our table: 

One fun and practical way to decorate is to use seasonal soaps :) We've got bath & body soaps and candles in our kitchen and downstairs bathroom. 

Fall mantle. 

I love the look of a tall skinny pumpkin with a short round pumpkin in opposite sizes. :) 

And this was the first time I ever thought of standing one of my old books up and using it like I would a vase.... I love that feather bouquet :) 

Above our tv cabinet looks the same except I added a little white, decoupaged pumpkin I made last year to it. 

Probably my favorite corner of our living room right now.... And that empty frame is just waiting for a picture of our third little boy to go in it :) 

In our kitchen I have a wreath I made this year hanging on our coat closet door. I spent $0 on this wreath... major plus :) The grapevine wreath itself was made by my mommom from vines from their old farmhouse. I used scrapbook paper to make the polka dot flowers, a big white flower from some potpourri I had, and I cut up some decorative gold leaves and little orange berries I already had and hot glued it all on. 

There's that corner a bit further away. 

Lately I've been loving some of the free printables I've found on line, you can get them printed on really quality paper for 50 cents or so... Then put them in a pretty frame and you have inexpensive, unique art :) The two flower prints are photos I took last fall and decoupaged onto canvases. 

Outside decor! Almost all of it came from my dad's garden. He let Drew & Isaiah help him plant the seeds and then when we were over there the other night they helped him pick everything :) 

The wagon was already on our front porch so I just filled it up with fall :) Beautiful mum from my mama for our anniversary. 

Shaun found me this antique butter churn last year for free and brought it home for me. There's that combination of a tall skinny and a short round pumpkin again :) 

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