Saturday, September 22, 2012

5 years

This is just so hard to believe and so exciting all at the same time. Was it really five YEARS ago that I was curling my hair, having apple cider donuts and girl time during breakfast, finishing up packing for my honeymoon, getting dressed in white, wearing a veil, crying every time I saw my daddy, walking down the aisle toward my best friend, promising forever, dancing the night away, throwing a bouquet, hugging my family goodbye, walking across the parking lot... It feels like yesterday. 2007 was the beginning of my new life. I got engaged, turned twenty, graduated college, got my first "big girl" job, got married, moved to another state... It was a lot of changes, a lot of firsts. I had never lived on my own before. Never budgeted before. Never gotten my car inspected, or paid an electric bill before. But I was doing it all with my best friend in the world. It took time to figure it all out. (Not that it's all figured out now!) 

But here we are, five years, two babies, a house, and a puppy later. Elders together. Learning how to run businesses together. I said to Shaun the other day that I feel like my entire way of thinking about life has been deconstructed and rebuilt. I guess that's what has to happen when you become one with another person. You have to learn to mesh your mentalities together. I feel like this anniversary is such a big mile stone for us. Every day we become a little more "one" and five years worth of days later I can see such a huge difference in us. 

Home is wherever you are, Shaun. 
My dreams for the future are whatever will bring us closer. 
My prayer for our lives is real, awake, living and breathing love
I will follow wherever you lead, I will trust your judgment, I will honor you and respect you. 
I love who you are as a daddy.
I love who you are as my friend, husband, lover, and protector. 
Please don't stop dating me, be my boyfriend forever. :)
And thank you again for choosing me. 
Happy five years. 
I love you.
SO much.

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