Monday, September 10, 2012

Aaron: Senior Photos (plus a little photography advice)

I used to work with Aaron's mom, Kelly, at the hospital. She is awesome, outgoing, fun-loving... And it was so good to get to see her again at the shoot:)  Her son, Aaron, is starting his senior year of highschool and they wanted to get some more natural, outdoor photos of him at this milestone in life. We went to a park and a golf course to do his photos and had a beautiful (but HOT) afternoon. 

Now, guys can be harder to take photos of than girls. You can't be all flowery and whimsical and creative, and it seems masculine settings and poses might be harder to envision than feminine ones. But if you can find out a little about who the guy is that is going to be your subject, you can go from there. Aaron plays baseball and golf, he's pretty even keel, steady, and not too exciteable from my impression of him. We used the fence and bleachers at a baseball field for some of our backdrops, natural settings under some big trees, and a few photos at a golf course. 

These next few are some of my favorites from the shoot. Loved the lighting and the natural feel of them.

We were heading back to the car so he could get his golf stuff when, at the last second, I had an idea to take some on the road. (it's in a park and hardly any traffic... plus we had look outs, don't worry!) I absolutely love how these came out!! 

Something I've noticed as I've done more and more shoots is that the people you are working with tend to warm up to the camera more and more as the shoot goes on. They get more comfortable, you get to know each other a bit, and their smiles and postures get more and more natural and relaxed. So, my advice, never quit early if you're feeling discouraged... if you keep going you're bound to get the results you're looking for!

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