Friday, September 21, 2012

Easy & Delicious: day 5

Apple Crisp

Ok, so I did kinda badly with having photos of everything... But, I think the reason why with this one is that we eat it all up before I have a chance to take one! Again, I'll just direct you to the site since the recipe is conveniently located there :)

* This was my go-to dessert for company last winter. The hardest part is slicing the apples. The only thing I do differently is sprinkle a little cinnamon over the apples and add a tiny bit of water to the bottom of the pan before I put on the topping. Make sure you bake it plenty long, til the water is gone and the apples are nice and soft. Oh, and I use dark brown sugar for the topping. Serve it warm with some rich vanilla ice cream melting on the top and you will be in heaven. :) This is the perfect recipe for this time of year when locally grown apples are all being harvested :) 

Source: I found it on the internet when I was looking for a good dessert recipe. 

And, bonus, here's a favorite snack of mine when I'm craving something sweet! (And I actually have a photo of this one!)

Ritz crackers, jiffy peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Never said this one is healthy. But it's awfully good! If you want a different, yet somewhat similar, and maybe more healthy but equally delicious snack, try vanilla wafers with peanut butter spread on top and a banana slice on top of the peanut butter. Warning: both can be addicting!! 

Seeing as how this is turning into a dessert themed post, if you want links to more dessert recipes I've posted, here you go:

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