Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Darren & Steph: Engagement Bliss :)

Darren and Steph. So perfect for each other. 

My brother in law, Darren, asked me if I'd do their engagement photos someday before they were even engaged. So I'd been brainstorming for awhile :) What I loved about this shoot was that they were basically on a date and I was following them around capturing their love and interaction for fun. I gave them a little instruction here and there, but I mostly just let them go with it and tried to be invisible. :) They did amazing. 

I think part of what makes their relationship so special is the long road they have walked to get to this point. They fell in love back in 2008, but living on opposite sides of the country can make it hard. Besides that, God had a lot of things to take them through individually before they would truly be ready for each other. But in the back of their hearts and minds they never had completely let go of each other, and still held a piece of each other's hearts. Three years would go by before their love would become official again. But this time all you had to do was see the look on Darren's face when he talked about her to know that she was the one. Distance wouldn't hold them back this time. One time Steph told me that after years of knowing Darren, whether being in a relationship with him or not, he was always consistent. She said finding a guy with a heart of gold is rare, and that's what he had. She got this faraway look in her eyes when she talked about him. It was so sweet. 
They know that it is God that brought them back together. 
They know that they are committed. 
They are thankful they are not missing out on this once in a lifetime love. 
They are beautiful together. 

No one ever said love is easy. They just say it's worth it. 
SO worth it. :) 

beautiful golden sunlight 

sweet contentment. just being together. 

Gorgeous Girl. Handsome Boy. 

Love this one :) Checking out her bling together :) 

Playful :) 

These two! They could model! 

Blue. Brown. 

It's just real. :)

Wedding date carved into a tree :) 

We had a perfect evening for these photos, and every time I go through them I just get giddy over how genuine and real each photo feels... because it is. :) Darren & Steph, I am so excited for your wedding, for your life together to begin, for you to experience all the awesome ways marriage will change you and draw you closer together and closer to Jesus. I love you guys!!!