Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Kreider Gandbabies

I typically enjoy taking photos that are more candid, less posed, very natural, artistic type photos. That being said, the more people in your group (and the more kids specifically) the more difficult that can be for obvious reasons. :) So I needed to think outside my normal comfort zone for this little mini session of Art and Joanne and all their grandkids and get comfortable with the idea of doing some more "posed" type photos. Before I had looked through all the photos I was kind of nervous, wondering if I had done a good enough job, wondering if there would actually be any photos where they were all looking at the same time... But I have to say, I was worried for nothing. I don't think it really mattered how they were posed, who was looking, if they were smiling etc. All that mattered is that Art and Joanne LOVE their grandbabies so much, and are most definitely proud, smitten grandparents. And when I started looking through these photos that was the reigning, apparent fact. 

I mean, how could anyone take photos of grandparents with their grandchildren and not capture at least a little of that mushy, soft-hearted, head-over-heels love that belongs to their relationship alone? It is the sweetest thing. And here's a little glimpse of it :) 

Timeless. Just timeless. What a beautiful family :)
Even all smiling! 

Some of the grandkids altogether. 

 And my personal favorite (probably because it's a bit more candid and captures a little of the love between all those sweet kiddos) 

Thank you so much for asking me to do these photos for your family, Art & Joanne, you have such beautiful grand babies and I loved seeing your love for them shine through these photos :) 

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