Monday, September 3, 2012

Bethany Beach 2012

Well, we're home from another Kauffman Family bethany beach vacation and it was just as awesome as always. A mix of traditions, new things, games, family time, beach time, tournaments, good food, favorite restaurants, playing in the ocean... I'll let the pictures do a lot of the talking. 

Isaiah's sandy baby toes

Out for a seafood buffet. Bonfire. Maybe a new favorite? While Shaun and Darren eat all the seafood they can, Tre and I eat all the homemade donuts we can... :) 

The beach tires my babies out! 

One of my favorite days on the beach... Drew was digging in the sand with his backhoes with Grandpa, and Isaiah was sleeping in his stroller... I ran into the ocean and had so much fun! 

Pictures with our big boy on the dock! He loves the boats... We have a photo of Shaun with him on the same dock last year. New tradition? :) 

Little cutie :) 

One of my favorite things about this trip was that it was our first now that we are all couples... It's so cool seeing a somewhat completed picture of the family! (of course there are lots more babies to be added I'm sure!)

Favorite family photos from the week: 

Isaiah had his first birthday while we were away (August 31st). Kissing him as he slept in my arms on the night of his birthday. 

The very last morning of our trip we had plans to see the sunrise. Through a series of events it ended up just being me and Isaiah that were awake enough to go. It was such a special time just me and my one year old baby boy, watching the sunrise on the beach together. The first photo I took that morning. (un-edited)
 Sunrise Kisses! 
 Sunrise Snuggles!

 A lady walking by asked if she could take a picture for us. It is one of my favorites from the trip. :)
So beautiful. 

A summary of our trip's highlights in short sentence form (not necessarily in order): 
Severe thunderstorm. Big breakfasts. Perfect pool days. Taco salad. Wiffle ball (most exciting game ending in a tie 6-6. so epic!). Beach=overcast so lunch on the boardwalk. Fettucine alfredo. Bang. Perfect beach weather, corn hole, playing in the ocean. Bonfire buffet (homemade donuts!). Girl time at the pool analyzing family senses of humor. Monopoly.... which led to some very necessary talks the next morning due to emotions that were running high... Veggie Tales Jonah! (every night) Fajita Night.  :) Foosball Tourny and special handshakes. Harpoon Hanna's. Dock photos. Boardwalk gone bad. (a near ticket, soaking wet new clothing, missing clothing on the beach, the need for new underwear (not me) melting ice cream, crying babies...) Boardwalk gone good! I got to pray with the cashier in one of the stores we shopped in! Bathing suit Flipper-oo. (Steph-you know what I'm talking about!) Brittany and Tre's cookout. Sunrise on the beach. Breakfast at Cottage Cafe. 

So many memories in just one week of togetherness. :) 

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