Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Deraps family: sneak peek!

I had the most beautiful evening last night to photograph this awesome, God-ordained family of four! This is totally a sneak peek as I have not thoroughly gone through the whole shoot yet, but several images literally JUMPED out at me and I had to share them! 

Let me just tell you a little bit about this beautiful family. Jess was a single mom for the first years of Josiah's life. That has to be one of the hardest jobs ever, but she was amazing. Seriously, her love for her kids and her talent at lavishing it on them and raising them to be absolute sweethearts is unbelievable. But let me back up. After doing an awesome job in this difficult season, Scott entered the scene. I will never forget their wedding day, and hearing Scott say that not only was he getting an incredible wife, he was getting the extra blessing of an incredible son too. It was so sweet. They became pregnant with their daughter Sarah a few months after their wedding, and besides going through the normal newly-wed adjustments, they were becoming a family of four on top of it all! Besides adjusting to marriage, parenting, and a new addition, they were also trying desperately for Scott to be able to adopt Josiah as his son. Just a few days ago that became a reality, and they are now officially the Deraps, family of four :) The purpose of this shoot was to capture some candid images of Scott and Josiah interacting, to portray the love this father has for his son, and to celebrate his adoption. 

There is something beautiful and special about every parent child relationship. But there is something extra special about adoption. In that case only, the child is specifically chosen. We are adopted sons and daughters of Christ when we join His family. I am so thankful to be His. Now let's get to the photos! 

How adorable are their matching shoes??! 

Skipping rocks. 

And a few of their whole family: 

(And how cool that the sun flare looks like gigantic bling on Jess's finger!?)

Loved the light for these last two :) 

There were so many more special moments and gorgeous images from last night, but I just had to post these few today. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate this special time with you! I pray blessing and favor over your marriage, your family, and your home. You guys are awesome together, and I am so happy for you! 

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