Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Favorite Moment from my baby brother's wedding day

There are so many great moments that stand out from yesterday... From the first time the emotion of it all hit me as I watched my brother's face while Mary walked down the aisle and then singing Phil Wickham's song "beautiful" during worship... To watching Mary slow dance with her brother, who gave her away and is also in the military, to a song that seemed like it was written about them (called "that's what brothers are for") Mary was holding onto him with her face buried in his uniform, and her shoulders were shaking as they slow-turned around and around and both felt the gravity of the moment and the depth of their big-brother little-sister relationship... To slow dancing with Drew on the dance floor as the night got chilly and the tent lights were shining in my parents' backyard... Even that moment when all us girls were getting ready upstairs at my parents house in the morning when all of this sudden this unknown source of loud music came blasting through the house and we found my dad down in his office practicing the wabble dance... :) 

But my favorite moment was early in the day. I was bringing my stuff into my parents house where I would do Mary's hair... My brother was just leaving to go get ready elsewhere after stopping in for a cup of coffee. And it was just me and him in the driveway, it was still misty and gray outside, and he was still my little brother, and I was just his big sister. And I looked him in the eyes and told him I loved him so much. And that I was so proud of him. And I hugged him. And then he walked down the driveway to go get ready for the biggest day of his life. 
And that was my most favorite moment from yesterday.

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