Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cody & Joanna: A date in the city engagement session

When my cousin Joanna called and said they'd be coming up from Georgia for the weekend and wanted to know if I'd do their engagement photos for them, oh and also that she'd like to use an old record player in the photos in some way, I was ecstatic. Besides the fact that it sounded insanely fun, I would also get to meet her fiance Cody for the first time. So over the next few weeks I brainstormed ways to incorporate the record player... When I was in the city running errands I saw this vintage record storefront and knew we had to work it in somehow. I ended up with the idea to just let them go on a date in the city... to the record store, to get coffee, and end up on the top of a parking garage with a coffee date picnic... What was so funny was that after I shared my ideas with Joanna and Cody they told me it sounded so similar to their second date, which really set the tone for their whole relationship, where they went to breakfast and coffee, to a record store, and had lunch on the roof of a restaurant. It was meant to be! Our photo shoot even happened to take place one year and one day after that epic second date happened for them. 
I really can't say enough about what an amazing couple they are. So natural and comfortable with each other, so creative and original and relaxed... Cody adores everything about Joanna, and she's obviously crazy about him too. It was so fun driving to the city with them, hearing how their relationship began, about the proposal, their wedding planning, and their dreams for the future. I am so proud of Joanna... she has been through so much, and it has made her stronger, more beautiful, more head over heels for Jesus than ever. Seeing her strength, her smile, knowing what she's gone through and where she is today makes my heart swell with pride and admiration. She is as genuine as they come, with a beautiful voice, a love for music, a heart for the Lord, and a man who is worthy of her. 

I hope you enjoy this fantastic "date in the city" engagement session. 

First stop: Record store. Isn't it gorgeous??! 
The most fabulous coffee shop in the world. 
 Skyline coffee date. With vintage record player and Need to Breathe. 
And then, because music obviously calls for dancing, they went into this amazing spur of the moment dance that I had so. much. fun. photographing. 
The sky was absolutely divine up there, and I am just crazy about these last few images from their session.
Wedding date. 03//14.
So, yeah...  they are awesome. Joanna & Cody, thank you so much for making the long trip and for letting me have the privilege of taking your engagement photos, I am so excited for what the future holds for the two of you and I love your hearts for the Lord. Love you guys!!


  1. You must know that these are beyond amazing. Thank you thank you for doing such a loving, inventive and skillful job on my baby's engagement pictures. Love you Jessi!

  2. absolutely love them all! the tattoo picture is incredible too!