Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One year ago today

This is how my day started out one year ago today:
With my two boys watching daddy leave for work.
 They played outside, I wrote this blog post, I put hollytone on my blueberry bushes to ensure that they would thrive the next year (Much to my dismay we didn't get a single berry this summer, and they look like they are dying now...) I straightened up the house, I snuggled my two boys, and at 1:00 p.m. I called Shaun to ask him if I should definitely take the castor oil like we had talked about... I took it, put my boys down for naps like usual, and by 5:00 p.m. things we rolling. 6:00 p.m. we were headed to the hospital, my water was breaking in the car, I was being admitted, and by 9:29 p.m. our beautiful blonde haired, tiniest baby yet Jaden Saylor was here in my arms. The happiest day, the most beautiful labor experience, the sweetest new life. Oh the newborn smell, how I miss it already.

 Life went from two boys snuggling on the sofa to three overnight.
 And that tiny little baby is now a solid, squishy 25 lb boy who says mama, and buh bye, and gives kisses and makes car noises. Who crawls around and opens every cabinet and curiously tastes everything. Who picks up his food ever so precisely between his forefinger and thumb, and opens his mouth like a baby bird when we spoon feed him, who sleeps on his belly with his arms up by his head, or tucked under his face so snuggly. Who is right now as I type filling up my whole lap, eyelashes resting peacefully on his cheeks, holding onto me as he nurses to sleep. His blonde hair is fluffier than ever, he recently discovered his tiny belly button, his knuckle dimples are daintier and more adorable all the time. He is the most content and easiest going baby we've had yet, although he sure is starting to have his own little opinions on what he wants and hates to have things taken away from him.
Jaden, a year ago I didn't know you at all yet. Today I can't remember life without you. Your daddy and I hold you together and kiss your soft cheeks and marvel at your sweetness all the time. We are so smitten with you. Our hearts are filled up to the top with our adoration and deep, deep love for you. Thank you Jesus for Jaden Saylor, our third little man. Happy first birthday baby boy! You hold your mamas heart in those chubby little fists of yours.  

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