Monday, January 14, 2013

Bachelorette Night!

I was SO looking forward to this girl's night out! And it did not disappoint! 
We all met up at this gorgeous house that Steph's family rented for the weekend to get ready and get to know each other in person (people came from ALL OVER for this wedding!) 
Then we went out to dinner at Annie Bailey's. 

Their amazing potato nachos.

Chicken Curry crew. :) 

Emily teaching Randi how to eat... 

The bride, blinging it up! 

 Several sets of sisters. :) 

Individuals with everyone. (except somehow after our shot with me and my sister I never got Randi back in for an individual :( ) 

Steph is the baby of three girls. Her sisters are amazing and love her so much. They did an AWESOME job planning everything for her! 
Below: Steph with Jessica and Julia. 

Steph & Sarah

Steph & her bestie, Brittany 

Steph & Amanda

Steph & Miranda

Steph & her new sister in law, Brittany

Steph & Me!! 

Steph & Emily

The whole group!! 

After dinner it was my mission to waste time in getting Steph back to the house so that they would have time to set up and decorate. I felt so bad stopping to get gas and driving 40 in a 50 on the night of her bachelorette, but we accomplished the goal! 

When we got back there were streamers everywhere, ice cream sundae bar set up, matching t-shirts hung up across the dining room and gifts piled up in the living room. :) 

They blind-folded Steph before she could see it all. 

The unveiling. 

There were even personalized mugs for each of us for hot chocolate later! 

I thought the gift idea was great, we each planned a "theme" for a night of their honeymoon and then Steph had to guess which gift was from who. :) 

After gift opening it was a girly sleepover night, which I so wish I could have stayed for, but babies at home didn't allow it... ;) They were actually still waiting up for me when I got home at 11:30! 

It was truly an honor to be in Darren & Steph's wedding with all these beautiful girls, I loved every second getting to know them and just hearing bits and pieces of the role Steph has played in each of our lives. We all love her so dearly and it was so good to just be able to take the time to show her by having this special night that was all about her. I remember when she moved here she told me that if she had friends she felt like she could do anything. And friends are one thing that Steph is not lacking in, because she knows how to be an awesome friend in return. So many stories came up through the weekend, some were funny, some were cute, some were about how Steph was such a supporter in the process of girls beginning relationships with their now husbands, but all of them just proved to me all over again how special Steph is. Her loyalty, her depth, her ability to show her heart, her love of fun and people are just amazing. 
It was a perfect bachelorette night :) 

One last photo of me and my baby sis :) Thanks for letting me laugh hysterically "with" you, Nan. ;) xoxo

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  1. Did you go to the Annie Bailey's in Lancaster I'm guessing? That's where we had our rehearsal dinner as well! And from the looks of the pictures, I think we were at exactly the same table. What a coincidence :)