Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Darren Kauffman

So the morning after the bachelorette party the girls went to the reception venue to decorate. (I stayed home and made lunch for all the bridesmaids for the day of the wedding, but I did get to go take a peek at the beautiful ballroom!) 
One thing I was able to help Steph with a few days before the wedding was the project you see below. I did their engagement photos (to see that shoot click here) and she chose twenty some of her favorites and had them enlarged and then used spray adhesive to attach them to canvases. She had found a tutorial on how to blow up photos for a very reasonable price (I think it's called engineer prints and you can get them through places like staples, etc.) and she also found the canvases on sale. The result was simply stunning... As soon as you came into the reception hall the gallery walls featured the couple we were all there for, and it was so cool! (I have to admit, it was pretty neat seeing photos I had taken blown up and on gallery walls too!) 

 below: the ballroom 

That night was the rehearsal dinner. One thing I absolutely loved was the music they selected for the ceremony. When we all started getting emotional when Steph came down the aisle and it wasn't even the actual wedding yet I knew the next day was going to be outrageously beautiful. (and it was!) 

 (little side note, my dress was from h&m, only $24 regular price, and in my opinion it is the perfect "little black dress"... love the lace detail! and my bracelet is from a boutique and was a gift from my mama for Christmas)

Love how they look at each other :) 

the groomsmen

the bridesmaids

The ring bearers! 

The bride and her daddy

At the dinner Darren and Steph got up and said a little something about each person in their wedding party or people who had helped before they handed out gifts. Loved that personal touch, it made us all feel so loved and appreciated. 

Then the morning of the wedding day!!!! I got up at 5:45 to do my own hair so I could be home with the boys as much as possible. But I did get to sneak over to the salon to see everyone and do my make up with the rest of the girls :) 

Below are Steph's sisters helping each other get ready. Love these candids :) 

Our awesome t-shirts, made by the bride (she gave them to us when she asked us to be in the wedding party)
the bride!!!!

Make up! 

 After everyone was done at the salon we went back to the beautiful house that Steph's family had rented for the weekend to finish getting ready and take photos.
 Her dress was amazing. It was so perfect for her... lace and sparkle.

 We took some practice shots.... Thank goodness! Tips we learned: Shoulders back, breathe out!

Only thing that makes me sad is that when I am in a wedding I don't get any photos of the ceremony. Oh well, lots of other people got  good pictures :)

The worship during the ceremony was just so, so good.... all the music was. Speaking of music, Darren wrote Stephanie a song as his vows, and it was so good!! Just to give you a taste, some of the lyrics included "in sickness and health, in poorness or wealth, I'll always have these googly eyes for you."
A very good family friend, Kelly Beiler, caught all but the last line on video (her camera battery died) and posted it on you tube. Click here to watch it!! (Thanks so much for recording that, Kelly!)

Post ceremony here we are :)
Drew carried a sign down the aisle that said "Uncle Darren, here comes your bride!" So cute!

Picture time was a little rough... the boys were well past nap time and going on very  little sleep by this point. .. I had my only mini mommy melt down of the whole wedding experience at the point during which Drew was running across the stage behind Steph's family photos and not listening and coming to me, and there was no way I was going to try to run across the stage to catch him in a long, strapless dress with Isaiah in one arm.... I was envisioning the worst photo bomb ever... but I think it was all ok in the end. 

The whole Kauffman family!!! (special thank you to Emily for taking photos for me during this whole time!)

 Isaiah was ripping petals off my bouquet, pulling out my earrings and eating my necklace through family photos. I was trying to stay calm....
 Love him anyway. ;)

Love these two photos of the four of us all dressed up! 

 My sweet men :)

My main man! Love him so much.
 For real, he is so good to me.... :)

 Playing hide and seek in the curtains

Lovey my sissy!!!! 

 Giving hugs! (that may or may not have turned into wrestling shortly after)

Love this photo of Drew and his uncle Darren!!

Wedding food!
Darren's old room mate flew in from Oregon to cook for the wedding. The food was UH-maz-ING! Some kind of spicy chicken with mangoes and the most wonderful beef with this creamy mushroom sauce, green beans and delicious potato salad with egg and ham in it... mmmmm :) 

Cake cutting time!!!

 One of my favorites from the whole day is below :)

 Dancing the night away!!!


 Last shot before the bride and groom were ready to go!

 Running out the door!

Congratulations guys, your wedding day was absolutely beautiful. Loved all the details you focused on, the honor you gave Jesus, the love you expressed to each other... Hope you are having a blast on your honeymoon!!! We can't wait to welcome you back as husband and wife! 

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