Sunday, January 20, 2013

basement finishing : shared office love :)

I asked for HomeDepot/Lowe's gift cards for Christmas, and while I was definitely labeled "boring", my family (on both sides!) came through for me! So on our date Friday night we went to Chillies and then to Home Depot so I could start spending my Christmas money :)

The first project on my list is to create an "office" space that actually inspires me. Right now our desk and computer are located in the unfinished, concrete block and cement floor storage room of our basement. While our budget doesn't include completely finishing the room, we (or I) do want to do some drywalling, some painting, and some fluffing to make it a space that you actually want to be in. Shaun and I will share the space, each have our own desk, but one computer and it will be my "photography headquarters." :)

So, we bought paint for the cinder block walls and I brought home paint color chips to try to decide on a color for the dry walled wall.... I'm feeling a minty green aqua blue color... Shaun wasn't so sure. He wants it to still feel "manly"....

So below are my color selections to choose from...
 And then here's what Shaun was feeling:

Hmmm... Not quite on the same page yet. :) That's ok, merging our tastes will be part of the fun :) 

Looking forward to updating as we make progress! :) 

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  1. Your outlook on remodeling the space to give it a more comfortable feel is great, especially when considering a budget. It doesn't have to be a complete overhaul, just something to make the space more inviting. That said, what color did you eventually settle on? I would have loved to see your finished basement/office. -William@Up and Above Contractors