Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY monogram art.

For my mother in law's birthday I had the idea to make a personalized monogram canvas for her gift. At Michael's these canvases come in a pack of three. So I ended up making one for my mother in law, one for my new sister in law, and one for us. :) I bought wooden letters to attach to them and just hot glued them on. The K's came individually and the little letters came in packs of two. It just so happened that amoung the three couples there are two letter d's and two letter s's... so I really lucked out :) 

So, if you decide to do this project too you will need a canvas (any size), wooden letters, hot glue and a can of spray paint. So simple. :) 

Here's what the canvases looked like before being spray painted with just wooden letters attached. 

I just love a monogram... Especially when it belongs to you and your man. :)

Wish I had a photo of all three of them done but I had already given my mother-in-law hers. I spray painted two of them gold, and originally did ours silver. Then I changed my mind and decided I'd like ours better white so I lightly sprayed over the silver and I like the layered, textured look that gave it. 

I hung ours over the outside of our bedroom door. With the shape and size of them I think over a door is the perfect spot for them :) But they could definitely look cute elsewhere too. 

And yes, we have a way cool bedroom door thanks to the previous owners of our house. 

It's glass with a sheer curtain over it. 

And one final close up. 

Love how this little project came out, and that it can be personalized for anyone. It makes a great handmade gift and is not very time consuming at all. 

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