Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Mendenhall Family

I have never laughed as hard during a photo shoot as I did during this one. We had SO much fun. Seriously. Goofy, carefree, wonderful laughter :) 
Mary is my brother Eric's girlfriend. I did her senior photos and photos of her and my brother together, and she is as photogenic as they come... because she is as genuine as they come and her beautiful smile is so very real. This photo shoot was Mary, her brother, Robby, and her sister, Terianne's Christmas gift to their mom, Phyllis. Did you catch all that? ;) 
One of the reasons these photos are so special is that the four of them don't get to be all together very often. Robby is in the military, and about to leave for Afghanistan again, and until very recently Terianne was doing missions in Africa. Mary talks about her brother and sister all the time, she absolutely adores them, and I was so excited to get to meet them! And Mary's mom! She is hysterical, I absolutely love her! From the very first time I met her I felt like I could say or do anything in front of her and she will just laugh with you! They are so fun, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take these photos of the four of them. 

Beautiful white rocker + pretty barn :) 

Nothing like the way a mother loves her kids!! 

Love this photo under this huge old tree with the lantern hanging from it. 

A favorite! 


I love the "patchwork" effect of these four photos together :) 

Another favorite ^!!

The carhartt crew! 

And then we had this perfect lighting, so of course I had to do some silhouette shots :) 

Look at that air!! ;)

Gorgeous light :) 

Thank you guys again for asking me to do your family photos, I love the personality they capture and the closeness they show! There are so many more good ones from our session, but I tried to keep it limited to just a few of my favorites for now! Can't wait to get the rest to you! 

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