Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crockpot Week: Day 2

Potato Soup

This soup is amazing, delicious, and (obviously, since this is crock pot week) you can make it in your crock pot. What's not to love??!

Original Recipe

8 red skin potatoes
1 can cream of chicken soup
45 oz chicken stock
1 packet lipton vegetable soup mix
salt & pepper
4 oz. garden vegetable cream cheese
4 oz regular cream cheese

Pile (or pour) first five ingredients into a crockpot. Cook 6-8 hrs. Add in cream cheeses 30 minutes before the end.

Ok, so here are my modifications. It's delicious as is, but I do it a tiny bit different. I don't usually buy chicken stock... I have a little jar of something called chicken better than bouillon that I keep in the fridge and I just mix a few table spoons with water. That way I can make the exact amount I need and none goes to waste. I also add the entire container of garden vegetable cream cheese. I am clearly not opposed to dairy. And then, to add a little extra nutritional value (and some color!) I chop up a few carrots and add those too at the beginning of the cook time.

This recipe is actually the very first thing we ever ate in our house. My friend Bethany (the one this series is for!) made it and brought it over, and our little newly one year old Drew LOVED it (and he did not like much in the way of food at that time) I knew it was a keeper from the very beginning and I think I asked Bethany for the recipe shortly after my first bite.... So thank you so much for this much loved soup recipe Bethany!!! (And I'm sorry it is a recipe you already have and not a new one... ;) )

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